Can super worms save the world from styrofoam domination?!?
Michelle Vu
David Thompson
Floor Location : 010309

From past research done, meal-worms are capable of degrading Styrofoam. This finding, inspired a question,“can super-worms degrade oil covered Styrofoam?”Styrofoam is building up in landfills, causing many environmental problems. if super worms can degrade oily Styrofoam this finding could help degrade Styrofoam faster and more efficiently. To find the results, three plastic containers were set up. In each container were 22 super-worms and a Styrofoam cup covered in sunflower oil. As a result, 65/66 worms died within 72 hours. After completing this experiment, a question was sparked. What caused the death of the super-worms? So a dissection was done.