Preparation of an Important Intermediate in the Synthesis of anti-tuberculosis natural agent Escobarine A
Catherine Wang
Sir Winston Churchill
Floor Location : 030601

Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis is a worldwide epidemic that poses a great risk to all individuals regardless of wealth and personal health. Escobarines A and B, extracted from the roots of Calliandra californica, show antituberculosis activity against certain strains of M. tuberculosis that are resistant to the first-line anti-TB drug. The objective of this project is to insert a hydroxymethyl group into cyclohexenone to give beta-hydroxymethylcyclohexenone in a one-pot procedure. The benefits of a one-pot procedure include ease of preparation, and a high yield. Beta-hydroxymethylcyclohexenone serves as an important intermediate in the overall synthesis of escobarines A and B.